25 December 2008

V for Victory

Well, it's not that my day got off to a marvellous start, but I feel that I've more than made up for it.

This morning I woke up at 7:42am and had breakfast with Sam. Rex and Sara had already gone home, so it was up to us to bring Christmas spirit to 2/70. Luckily, Sam is a jolly guy, so we had a great time, chatting and eating breakfast.
"It was quite weird, to wake up alone." he said "But you're here!" I felt quite special. I think Sam's last few Christmases have been spent with his ex-girlfriend Libby, who I don't know a lot about, but do wonder if she is kicking herself over their break-up.

I woke up in yesterday's clothes, not having been bothered to get changed when I arrived home from work at midnight. Nice.

Eventually I got on the road to Hamilton. Our plans changed - since my work roster is allowing me time off making coffee until next Monday, I'm staying down here in Hamilton until Sunday. Alright! My mum had txted me at about 8am to remind me to bring the "V for Vendetta" DVD home, that I rented when I was last here.

Just before the Onehunga / Howick-Pakuranga exit (about fifteen minutes' 120km/hr drive from Bayswater), I realised I didn't have it. Can you believe it? Probably, if you know how shot my short-term memory is these days. Anyway, I got off at the exit and took the loop road back onto SH1 and headed back to the North Shore.

As luck would have it, I drove past Chris on Lake Road. He recognised me because I brought Othello home on the bike rack for the holiday.
"hey, you just drove past me! have a good xmas" read the next message on my cellphone. Uh oh.
"where were you? i forgot some stuff."
"outside takapuna grammar."
"hmm, i've driven past there four times now, today."
"are you serious? well, give me a txt in the new year. we'll go out for a drink."

Are you serious?! He totally just asked me out. I don't care how informal it was. Or that it was via text message. Chris asked me out. It's Christmas Day. I'm fucking stoked.

I would text everyone in my phonebook (all five of them) to tell them about my victory, but it's Christmas Day. No-one needs to hear about that. Instead, I'm blogging about it so y'all can bask in my happy glow.

Hands down, best Christmas EVER.

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