14 December 2008

Retard Flour / Updating my playlist

I've been in Auckland for a month now! Hard to believe, but true. Last night I thought it a good idea to load up my music onto my computer. I mean hey, I (or rather, my mum and dad) shelled out the extra $125 for more RAM, or whatever it is that my music takes up on my computer, so I might as well make the most of it. I took the liberty of raiding Rex's CD collection in the lounge to "broaden my horizons". So now I have old favourites (Bad Religion, Thrice, Rage Against the Machine) mixed up with some Sublime, The Prodigy and Shihad.

Funny though, how while I made a real effort to put less Bad Religion on my iPod, it seems like I've ended up with more. My day just isn't the same if I don't hear "Delerium of Disorder" and I make no apologies for it. Right now I have "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters playing. Sigh. I love this song, and wish I wrote it. I'm pretty sure Dave Grohl was inspired by having sex when he wrote it. I just can't think of anything else as good as sex that would make someone write something this amazing. I know, I'm being vulgar, but that's really all I can think about when I hear this song. When I saw this song live at the Foos show in 2005, I nearly exploded. It was great. Also kind of fitting, because I bumped into Donny while I was leaving the show.

Other songs that have popped up on my new playlist include "Trust" by Thrice. After the birthday-card-for-Donny incident, "Trust" became my new inspiration for my next grand gesture. It was almost a year ago now, that I started rounding up friends who would be willing to set up a band outside his place and perform "Trust" with me. It never really got off the ground, and now I'm sad, because his next birthday is just over a month away, and I'm not doing anything for it. It's like the end of an era.

Notable omissions from this iPod update include Fall-Out Boy (but don't worry Becky, we're still hitting up the show, and their hotel afterwards...) and Greg Graffin. Greg Graffin!? I know, my reason for living. I wish I wasn't serious when I say that, because I know he wouldn't be happy about it. The man is incredible. I'm actually lost for words to describe my respect for him, and I'm at a loss to explain why I don't have the CD here to put on to my computer. Admittedly, I had the intention of lending it to Donny the day I found out he went to India. Never happened.

Greg Graffin: a daily must-hear

A sneaky addition is some songs from Metallica's S&M album. I'm quite aware that this may warrant a "bogan" tag, but hey - I'm from Hamilton. Don't act all surprised now. I actually own a bunch of Metallica albums, but S&M is a stand-out in my books. I relate it to how science always convinces me over flash. Orchestral music, to me, is the most advanced form of music. Sounds surprising to those who have overheard the obnoxious punk and post-hardcore I consider the soundtrack to my life, but it's true. You can imagine then, that when Metallica teamed up with the Michael Kamen-led San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, magic happened. "Devil's Dance", "Master of Puppets" and "Hero of the Day" rate among my favourites from this masterpiece, but the whole thing is basically just one huge mind-blowing experience. I actually shed a few tears when Mr Kamen passed away a few years ago. What a guy.

I tell people that I'm narrow-minded when it comes to music. I think I am - to an extent. Although, I'll make no apologies for saying this - I think the real narrow-minded ones are those who listen to hip-hop and R&B trash. Honestly, what is the attraction? It's all, stock-standard, synthesised drums with identical basslines, with either some guy with no education rapping about "bitches and hoes", or a scantily-clad woman wailing about how she can do better. Well, fuck - if you can, go ahead, and save my ears. Usually the only time this type of music actually contains real melody or substance is when it's "sampled". I will tolerate dub music, but only because it's not so aggravating it makes me want to leap head first into a pit of tar. Go listen to Tool. It's intelligence for the ears.

Staples: Bad Religion's Process of Belief - if only Donny knew how this changed so much for me when he gave it to me, the day I went to Australia with Curtis in 2006
"Dying in New Brunswick" from Waiting by Thursday - I just can't get enough
"Cherub Rock" by the Smashing Pumpkins, from Siamese Dream - hands down, my favourite song of all time. I don't see this changing. Ever.

Additions: The rest of the Siamese Dream album - I don't know how I went without!
"Same in the End" by Sublime - an old favourite revisited
Shihad's "Pacifier" - never actually listened to the lyrics until today. Moving.

Omissions: Cold as the Clay, Greg Graffin's nothing short of incredible folk offering - I feel worse off for it already
"No Sleep Tonight" by The Faders - hits too close to home, I guess!
"Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles - probably time to stop reliving Camp Hoffman memories

I really need to put the pdfs from Donny's birthday card up, so you all know what I'm on about when I "quote" it. I had a moment just now, while listening to the Smashing Pumpkins' "Soma" where I recognised a line I used on the card. It sucked just as much as when I decided to put it on there. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever get over it.

Didn't want to lose you once again
Didn't want to be your friend
Fulfilled a promise made of tin
And crawled back to you

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