27 December 2008

Sick of it all

Once you've made the big move away from Hamilton, there's only so long you can spend here on a visit before you slowly start to die inside.

I arrived here midday on Christmas Day. It's now almost midnight on December 27th, and it's pretty hard to stop myself packing the car and driving back to Auckland once I've posted this.

Yeah, I had a great Christmas - mainly due to the drinks proposal from Chris, and I loved spending most of Boxing Day with Sally and Karl, but this afternoon, the place has started to drain me.

I spent the evening at Kirby's house, listening uninterestedly to Kirby and Sally excitedly making wishful plans for a visit to Thailand. As if that's ever going to happen.
"You keen, Mim?" they asked. I looked up from the equally boring copy of Cosmopolitan that I was attempting to read.
"Keen for what?" I asked.
"Thailand!" they practically shrieked.
"To be honest, not at all." I shrugged. And that was being kind. I've never understood the attraction to Thailand. Maybe it's because I hate cheap shit, and even moreso, cheap shit that is proudly marketed as cheap shit. Add to the fact that the proposed travelling party is Kirby, Sally, Karl and Travis - all people I adore, but really can't stand the company of as a group. Kirby and Karl are directionally, common sensically, and any other kind of challenged you can think of. Travis thinks he knows everything, but doesn't. Sally does know everything.

There is no way I would ever want to go anywhere with them. They are like their own little family, which is great - but I'm the weird cousin. It would be pretty much akin to hell.

If it's any consolation, this trip will never actually get off the ground, which is all the more reason not to want to be a part of it.

After I left Kirby's (she and Sally had decided to walk to Karl's - literally on the other side of town - drunk), Sally text messaged me, worried that I was upset about something. I think I just miss my flatmates.

Roll on tomorrow... I can't wait to be back in Bayswater.

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