19 December 2008

A snake in the grass

I've been pretty excited for the last four hours because this morning a wonderful thing happened.

In one of those ever-occuring "now or never" moments, I decided to have a chat to Mr Canaandale. In an odd and happy stroke of fate, I overslept and as such caught the 8:40 into town for my last day of school. So, it seems, did Mr Canaandale. As I hauled the Jamis up the steps, I noticed my "friend" sitting on the bench, without his headphones on. Perfect.

"Are you Chris?" I asked, flashing him an understated smile. As it would happen, Ritchie had it right. High five for Ritchie. Conversation ensued... phone numbers were exchanged... I know! I'm excited too. Actually, he pretty much offered me his number straight after I told him my name (I went with Miriam, rather than Teodora, which is going to put a strain on the friendship I have with Ritchie, for reasons I'll explain later). Eager! It went down pretty well with me, though.

"Bike Shop Ferry Guy" or "Mr Cannondale" is now just "Chris". I'm so excited. It so wasn't a thrill-of-the-chase thing. In the life I created for him in my head before our conversation this morning, he will have burst through the doors of Bike75 this morning when he arrived, and hollered "how do you like me now?!" à la Lance Armstrong (if you know this story, you might find this amusing. If not, don't worry) to his workmates, who would have cheered him on and broken out the champagne. Okay, maybe not, but you know... it's a nice thought.

"You should come visit me at work" Chris reasoned. "It's a lot closer than Ritchie's store." He raises a good point. I mean, I had planned on going anyway, so now that I have an invite, I might just make my way down to Sale Street tomorrow for a wee gander. I feel like I should keep Ritchie in the money though, for his part in my success this morning. I might just buy that Garmin helmet off him after all.

When I arrived at SRA, late of course, I practically danced up the three flights of stairs to my classroom. Apparently my glee was pretty evident. One of the girls in the other class laughed at me as I rifled through my locker happily.
"What are you so happy about this morning?" she laughed. I looked up.
"Really? Is it that obvious? Well, I take the ferry, and I've been stalking this guy on the boat... kind of, and he gave me his number! Ha!" I said, not stopping to take a breath. She laughed, not really understanding. The girls in my class, who hear about "Bike Shop Ferry Guy" most mornings, were all thrilled for me.

Donny Who?

Flag that. I'm going to go riding with Chris this weekend. I'm on that like white on rice. Purrroowl.

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