30 December 2008

Red She Said

Spotted in Women's Health magazine:

"On the market? Be a scarlet woman. According to researchers at the University of Rochester in New York, men are more attracted to women in red. Most men, shown pictures of blue-clad and red-clad women, said they'd rather ask the lady in red out and that they'd be more likely to lavish money on her."

Interesting. Maybe this wee morsel is the key to my never-been-asked-out-until-Christmas-2008 predicament. On Jeanie's recommendation ("Rave: Polyvore") I hit up polyvore.com and searched for some red sets. The only problem is, we live on a tiny South Pacific island, so we're forced to make do with stores like Principals.

This was the only really eye-catching red piece I found on their site. And it's a little high-maintenance to drink beer at some guy's house. I guess though, teamed with *gag* tights, and a pretty-but-not-fussy hairdo, I could be on to something. Thoughts? I mean, thoughts past the fact that I'm being way too extreme about this.

I can't help it. This morning, I texted Paul for advice.

"ok, what kind of games is this guy playing? he came to visit me at work last night then texted me straight after saying, pop in for a drink since we're neighbours. um, neighbours? is that all? haha wtf"
Paul: "nah, that sounds alright to me. just a way to get you around and get to know you better :-) he's not likely to invite you around as his soulmate already is he?"
"i was thinking of sleeping with him rather than soulmate... but thanks for the insight... you know how i get"
Paul: "all good. i can tell he's nice by the way he asked you... kinda innocently and not too full on! if he does have an ulterior motive i like the crafty way he's gone about it."
"yes, what a guy hey. he better have an ulterior motive!"
Paul: "he's a guy, so it's likely :-) wear something hot. and don't mention you like fall out boy. you could jeopardise things."
"that's what i like to hear. and don't you worry i will be! yes, i tend to keep that wee personality flaw under my hat."

It's sounding promising so far, right? Paul and Aubrey both alluded to the fact that he's unlikely to be like "come over for sex" at this early stage. So he's already doing better than Donny...

Anyway, guess I should head out and buy every sexy red thing I see. Peace and love, yo.

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