30 December 2008

philosophy: I must have it!

Sigh. So here I am, up at 4:30am, poring over Sephora.com.
As if I have any money left to spend! Still, I can dream, and this is what's filling my sleeping thoughts tonight:

Nom nom. I love red licorice. Not the real stuff, of course - the paltry, sugary excuse for it is much better. I buy - and eat - it in bulk. Yeah, so my teeth are going to fall out before I'm twenty-five, but as long as I can devour my favourite treat until then, I'm happy.

I've read that the smell of whatever you're craving has the same effect as eating. Bingo! I do wonder about the validity of this research, though. I mean, have you ever tried it? Chances are, if you're going to sniff something like chocolate, you're going to eat it. I know I would. I'm kind of keen to test the theory out with my very own "I Love Licorice" set by philosophy.

Will this company ever do me wrong?

Yes, it's the same philosophy that created the superhuman fragrance, Amazing Grace.

If I had one wish (apart from Chris texting me for sex, ha ha) it would be to smell eternally of Amazing Grace. It's that good. You know how, sometimes, you buy a perfume and it's amazing, then eventually the novelty wears off? It happened to me with J.Lo, tommy girl, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (though I maintain to this day, it ONLY smells good on Africans like Nyenyezi). Still hasn't happened with Amazing Grace. Even though I spray it on my clothes while they're hanging on the line, myself after a shower, my hair, my carseats... need I continue? You get the picture. My life is filled with Amazing Grace.

To their credit, philosophy also make a line of no-nonsense makeup. It's not quite the frivolous stuff I so enjoy - more staples: black mascara, beyond-perfect foundation, stuff that makes up the makeup kits of the more sensible souls in this world. Their Supernatural mineral blush offering is up there on my favourites - it's like Benefit 10 in that it's a highlighter/contour - blush/bronzer in one. Swoon.

Is it about time that I stopped singing the praises of a company I hope will maybe stumble across this and hire me as a beauty writer? I think so too. Forward-ho, onto more realistic matters.

I applied for the University of Auckland about an hour ago. A strange move, I suppose. I declared my major as Geology - which is a step into the unknown for me, really. Sure, they claim it involves a heap of chemistry, which I hope is true, but I'm just really keen to "rock on with earth sciences". I still wonder what happened to the pen I had that said that on the side...

I'm hoping to chuck some Anthropological Science papers in the mix, too. NOT anthropology - that sort of stuff is too subjective for me. Ever sat through an arts lecture? Nothing ever gets taught, because everyone is too busy throwing their two cents worth in. No, thanks. I'll stick to carbon dating any day of the week.

Interestingly, for undergrad students, Auckland has introduced the General Education scheme - mainly to encourage science geeks like myself to explore the arts. Gag. I admit that I'm a huge Shakespeare freak, but I just don't fancy analysing all the fun out of it. Thank goodness this scheme doesn't apply to oldies like myself.

The secret ulterior motive behind geology is that Ethiopia and the horn of Africa are some of the world's most important archaeological sites. The Laetoli footprints, anyone? "Lucy"? If I get good enough, I could just get my trip funded, and dig up some bones and shit while I'm out there. Rock on.

The footprints at Laetoli: proof that it began in Afrika

It's now 5:04am, and it's weird to think that, about 300m from my bedroom, Chris is getting up to go ride at Riverhead. I haven't even been to sleep yet. Today is going to suck.

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