28 December 2008

That just blew my tiny mind

Yesterday I heard that my sister's former rowing crew member had died.
It's always kind of mindblowing for me when I hear about people dying, even though I know it happens to everyone, and every day.

She killed herself a few months ago. It came up in a particularly grim conversation about suicide, and while I get upset every time this topic comes up, her suicide really struck me. What a fucking waste.

She was my sister's crewmate in the 1999-2000 high school rowing season, and also represented our school in water polo and triathlon (again, with my sister and I). When she reached sixth form, she transferred to fancy Auckland school, King's College, and continued to excel in water polo. She was on the New Zealand secondary school girls' team, so you know. She was kind of a big deal.

From what I understand, she then attended the University of Auckland and had recently been in London with her fiance. Within three weeks of returning, for whatever reason, she killed herself.

Apparently the priest was less than sympathetic of her actions at the funeral. I find that a little inappropriate, but at the same time, I struggle for any reason why this girl would ever want to die. My sister remembers her as a perfectionist who never wanted to let anyone down. I just can't for the life of me see how being this way would drive her to suicide, but obviously something did. What a sucky exit for such an extraordinary person.

It seems overdue now, but I'm sending my best wishes and karma out into the universe for her family, and for her, wherever she is now.

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