13 December 2008

I'm ignoring Lips because they're boring

CHEEKS: Blush, Bronzer

Blush / Sephora's Pick: NARS Blush in Orgasm
My Pick: NARS Blush in Orgasm

Brain twins! Looks like Sephora finally got it right. For those of you that haven't yet tried this, you must. It will change your life. The drawcard for me was that Jennifer Lopez uses this shade. And we all know that I secretly want to be Jennifer Lopez, so you can imagine the first product I ever bought from Sephora was this one. Best applied with a medium-sized blush brush to the cheekbones/apples. Load up your brush, but tap it away! This stuff is loaded with gold speckles and if you don't tap, you look like an idiot. Go buy it!

Bronzer / Sephora's Pick: Benefit Hoola
My Pick: Benefit Hoola
I've known about this product for years but didn't try it until I sneaked some out of Pancakes' makeup bag at camp last year. Hooked! Use it sparingly, unless you're black. Then you can use heaps!! For us fairer-skinned, this stuff is a top-notch contour powder, applied to the lower apples and under the cheekbones in an inwards sweeping motion with an angle brush.

Also worth mentioning: Benefit 10 & Benefit Georgia
10 is great for lazy days, because it's a contour and highlighter in one. Be prepared to blend, but once you're done, it's like instant cheekbones. *swoon* If you're talented enough, you can use the brown shade to give yourself a jaw, too. Georgia is about the most subtle you can get without going bare-faced. It makes a huuuuge difference though - brings dull skin to life, plus it smells wicked good. I use it every day for that reason.

OTHER STUFF: Bath & Body, Fragrance, Moisturiser

Bath & Body / Sephora's Picks: Philosophy Body Cleanser & Moisturiser, Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish
My Picks: Philosophy Body Cleanser, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Moisturiser, L'Oreal Exfotonic Exfoliant

Philosophy's Amazing Grace just can't be beaten for fragrance. It's like, the fragrance soundtrack to my life. Hopefully, I won't be alive when I'm old, but if I am, I hope I still smell like this. Plus, it's named after Grace, and I love Grace! I'm a sucker for Palmer's though, especially the variety with Shea Butter. Stings like a bitch after shaving, but the smoothness afterwards is incomparable. Even Donny's noticed. And if he tells me I'm smooth, I'm sold. I'm in love with Exfotonic, and have been since I was like, 14. It smells sooo clean, and it's like a perfect treat on the elbows, legs, butt... everything. Sigh.

Fragrance / Sephora's Picks: Philosophy Amazing Grace (for women), Acqua di Gio Pour Homme (for men)
My Picks: Philosophy Amazing Grace (for women), none (for men)

My undying and unwavering love for Amazing Grace is detailed above. I spray it on everything - my hair, my clothes when they're on the line, my dog (okay, not really my dog). For guys, honestly - if they smell faintly of chlorine, then I'm happy. Anything other than that or skin to me is just wrong. I know I always say Donny smells good, but I think that's just because he's Donny, and I just like the fact that half of my clothes still reek a little bit of him. Sigh.

Face Moisturiser / Sephora's Pick: Philosophy Hope in a Jar
My Pick: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin

I do love how "Hope in a Jar" rolls off the tongue, but that's about all I love about this moisturiser. It just isn't right for my skin type, which is where Neutrogena comes in. Plus, it's cheap so I can go through it like I do juice and I don't really notice. I keep a bottle everywhere - by my bed, on my vanity, in my swimming bag. It's a staple product.

Well, the night's about halfway gone and my neck is getting sore, so I'm going to commit the ultimate cardinal sin and sleep in my makeup, which is already starting to break out from the "full face corrective" I was given this afternoon at school. You can bet I'll be sorry in the morning.

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