1 December 2008

Dazzle vs Bionic

My search continues for the world's most perfect mascara.

In 2006, around the time when mascara became my world, I discovered Napoleon Perdis Long Black mascara. This is truly a gem. It contains allantoin, a moisturiser, which leaves your lashes literally looking silky. Sounds unbelievable. Is in fact true.

The recommended lifespan of mascara is just three months. I mean, it's got a bit of time compared to the common mayfly, but it's a toughie to say goodbye to what seems like an old friend at the end of it. The fact that you're saving yourself from potential eye nasties like "pink-eye" or conjunctivitis makes it that little bit easier.

For the time being, I got by on L'Oreal Lash Architect. This was until Nicola stole it while she was on a weekend trip. She's a closet klepto, that girl. It wasn't her first foray into stealing beauty products - just months earlier she'd "borrowed" Kirsty's close to brand new Juicy Tube (and those aren't cheap, let me tell you) and returned it, almost empty after a month or two of clubbing in Dunedin. Classy. Anyway, I worked my way through a number of mascaras, most of which shall remain unnamed due to their lack of impressiveness. Is that a word? Anyway...

In late 2006, I had the opportunity to buy L'Oreal's new Telescopic mascara, complete with cash-back. When you're dirt poor, like I was (and am now, sadly) you snap up chances like these as you would cheap manicures (or food, for those more sensible souls). I became an addict. Sure, it's cheap, but Telescopic is pretty sweet, and would become my staple mascara until, well, now.

I've tried others, Napoleon's Madame Curl Curl and L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes spring to mind, but neither of these, or any of the others have been enough for me to become a convert. Benefit's Bad Gal Blue is fun, and low-commitment, but not really appropriate to create the unusual and beguiling long lashes I so crave.

I've been disappointed with MAC's mascaras. Considering I am a huge MAC fan (Mineralize SkinFinish Duo is my current must-wear, and I've been known to break out the LiquidLast Liner in the not-so-versatile shade of Blue Herizon - yes, I did spell that right), Zoom mascara just left me wanting more. I have been quick to judge mascaras in comparison to my beloved Long Black and Telescopic, but I really wanted to love Zoom, and just didn't. However, I'm now being tempted by their latest offering: Dazzle Lash. I know I shouldn't be swayed by the model on the site - she's obviously wearing 2-inch long falsies, but I am. Will I look like that amazing? Even a THIRD as good as that will have me sold. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the image below
should set you right. If you disagree with me that said model is the epitome of perfect lashes, then you and I just aren't right for each other.

Dazzle Lash by MAC: an result this extravagant seems unlikely,
but I'm willing to give it a go!

It's come down to all-out war between Dazzle Lash and Smashbox's new Bionic mascara. Okay, okay old Otago friends - you all know I have a fetish for all things bionic, but this is something else. http://www.smashboxcosmetics.co.nz/ and you'll see what I mean. They went with a slightly more natural, albeit digitally enhanced all the same look. I'm well and truly torn. To be honest, I've been not as happy as I would have liked with some Smashbox stuff in the past - their eyeshadow trios to me seem poorly thought out, and *gasp* dare I say it? I don't like their primer. Sure, it wins awards left, right and centre, but it's just not my favourite. What is? That Gal, by Benefit.

Bionic mascara looks like it could be different though. For one, it claims to have negatively charged ions which help bond it to the lashes, and every good chemistry grad loves jargon just like that. Granted, it's probably not true, but you know me. Clearly, I'm easily swayed by anyone who can work their way around Adobe CreativeSuites.

Help me out if you've tried either Dazzle Lash or Bionic mascara. The glamorous part of me wants to love Dazzle Lash, because words like "dazzle" just make me feel happy inside. Then there's the geeky science half of me, that just audibly sings my old favourite song, Better Living Through Chemistry.

Should picking a mascara come down to this? I don't think so, but I've obviously worked myself into enough of a wreck to warrant a rant such as this one. Really, the ever-absent rational Miriam inside should step forward and suggest the obvious: try them out and see.

Luckily for me, I attend school in central Auckland. It's walking distance to my least favourite of all the MAC stores I've ever been to in my life - Chancery, and I can breeze through traffic on my Jamis to the Smashbox concept store less than two miles away, on Ponsonby Road. Tomorrow afternoon is sorted!

I can't wait.

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