14 December 2008

My Stupid Sunday

Where the fuck is all this bad karma coming from, all of a sudden?

Maybe it's because I didn't go meet Donny at the airport, but like, I'm happy I didn't. It was bound to end up badly, especially given that I STILL haven't heard so much as a peep from him. It's clear he has no interest in communication.

Anyway - today my day started crappily when my alarm went off and I didn't want to get up. I know this sounds like me every day, but today I could barely open my eyes. Probably didn't help that I went to bed around 2am and tried to get up at 8am. But whatever, it wasn't happening. At 9am I finally rolled out of bed, did some washing, then went upstairs to complain that I'd lost my copy of Suffer. Within less than a minute, Rex had found it in the CD player, where I left it.

I made a concerted attempt at the land-speed record on my way to the Devonport ferry terminal, to try get on the 12:25pm to Rangitoto Island. Which would have been fine had the dumb bitch ("Tara") doing tickets not fucked up the tickets for the family in front of me. I watched sadly as the last ferry to Rangitoto Island floated away. What a waste of leg speed even Lance Armstrong would have been proud of. I cycled home sadly, and decided to paint my nails instead, since my dreams of running up Rangi had been crushed by "Tara".

Well, turns out this wasn't such a great idea either. It ended up with me dabbing furiously with nail polish remover, our carpet for close to an hour after I spilt pretty well the entire bottle of "I'm Fondue Of You". Seriously, why could it have not been topcoat? Why am I such a spastic? After I dropped said bottle, without thinking I ran out the door in bare feet, drove at close to 100km/hr to the nearest supermarket and bought three bottles of nail polish remover, which I emptied on to the stain.

I'm no longer Fondue of this shade

Luckily for me, it's almost undetectable after my cleaning efforts, but I still fear that my first paycheck from Esquires is going to be spent either paying someone to clean it, or hiring one of those awful RugDoctors from the supermarket. What a disaster.

Rex went to the latest exhibition at the Auckland Museum today - a T. rex named Sue. It's the largest Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered, and for whatever reason, it's hanging out at our local until January 25. Exciting!!! Well, Rex said it wasn't as good as he'd hoped, but I'm optimistic. $12 to look at a huge dinosaur goes down alright with me. When I was six, I visited the London Museum of Natural History, which was kind of wasted on my six-year-old brain that was still trying to get around tying my shoelaces. Granted, I was an intelligent child (I don't know what happened), but I was six. I don't really remember it THAT well. If any Auckland-based readers wanna come when I go see "Sue", bang me a text!

All in all, it's been a pretty shit day, and I kind of just want to smoke an entire bag of weed. Any takers?

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