29 December 2008

Bayswater Avenue Kiss

Okay, Aubrey - don't get too excited, it hasn't happened yet.

Tonight Chris came to visit me at work. As usual, I didn't recognise him until I saw the bike. I think it's rather a bad habit, but I'm not overly concerned about it for now. I had text messaged him this morning (first text conversation initiation on my part), and not received a reply. As such, I was feeling a little sombre about things, but he pointed out that I had his number wrong. Nice going.

Anyway, he was all cool cool, I think (and hope!) mainly because Mrs Singh was looking at me with this stupid grin on her face. This is the face she gets on whenever he's around, because she knows I heart him. He text messaged me once he was on the ferry home.
"you should pop in for a drink, seeing as you're pretty much my neighbour!"
Seeing as I'm your neighbour? Are you serious? Don't you mean, seeing as I want to sleep with you? Come on man, it's not 1699. Let's just have sex.

Don't get me wrong. I'm good with "friends". That could still work to my advantage with the whole, discount-at-bike-store thing. But I've kind of built up our "ferry romance" now, and it's going to be disappointing for me and my cheering squad (Emma and Aubrey) if nothing comes of it.

Maybe a drink will turn into seven. One never knows.

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