14 December 2008

Career woman... of sorts

I have two jobs!

One is weekend work at Takapuna New World. I'm getting a little perturbed with this however as I signed a contract almost a week ago and still haven't received my training so I can start earning. Not impressed.

My new job is at Esquires Coffee House at the ferry terminal in town. It's five nights a week, 5pm until close, which is probably going to leave me incredibly tired for the rest of the time, but I'm so obsessed with money that for the moment I don't care. I start tomorrow.

Both of these jobs are minimum wage. But as I've been living off savings since I moved to Auckland, I don't really care. It's a bit depressing watching my carefully saved Ethiopia fund diminishing just so I can eat each week, and I'm pretty excited now that not only will I be able to eat, I might also not have to dig into the Ethiopia fund to buy my helmet. Things are looking up for me!

Granted, my weekend job now leaves me with no time to explore my new surroundings. Today I was planning on heading to Rangitoto Island, which I still could - it's almost 11am and there's a ferry from Devonport there at 12:25pm. From next weekend on, however, I'm going to be scanning items for people with lives while my minds drifts around the place. Still, at least when I DO have some spare time, I'll know to make the most of it. No more wasting my life away creeping Donny's Facebook page.

There's also the slight issue with all these new commitments of when I'm going to fit my training in. Well, I plan on swimming at Parnell each morning before school, and I guess riding up the Judges Bay Road hill each day is going to be the extent of my bike workouts, for a while. Still, it's better than nothing. When all else fails, I guess I could attempt some late night/early morning sessions in on the magnetic trainer in the garage. Not really the most motivating thing I can think of, but hey. I'm a working woman now.

A sneaky upside to the Esquires job is that I have a feeling Mr Canaandale is going to love me for it. Cyclists love coffee. It's like a given. I'm the exception to this rule - but I just know Mr Canaandale will be visiting me each day after work to get his fix. How convenient. Again, I really don't know why, but it's all more opportunities to stalk him. I'm still trying to figure out what the attraction is.

Either way, watch this space. I'm either going to get fat from spending all my extra money on food, rich from saving, or die from overworking. I can't wait to see which it is.

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