24 December 2008

The Greatest Story Ever Told *cough*

In an apparent attempt to break the record for number of stupid blogs posted in one day, I'm back again. Attacking the mic, or something along those lines...

Due to some momentary lapse of reason (I have them a lot), I thought it would be a stellar idea to brave the Christmas Eve crowds at the Albany "Mega Centre". As previously mentioned, when they named it "mega", they were for real. Finding a park was less drama than expected, and put me in good stead for the rest of the trip.

The main motivation for this trip was to buy a new phone. A Nokia 5310 on Vodafone Supa Prepay, to be exact. That was what I wanted, and all I wanted to leave the mall with. But it was not to be. Of course, my efforts went unrewarded as the stupid Vodafone guy told me they had no stock, and the only store that did was Onehunga. See below for a map. (For easy reference, assume "A" is the Albany mall, and "B" is the Onehunga mall.)

On Christmas Eve? No, thank you.

I asked my stupid Vodafone friend if anywhere in Hamilton had any in stock.
"Onehunga is on the way to Hamilton." he replied. My, what great geography skills you have! But that didn't answer my question, now did it? Turns out they do have one, at Centreplace, Becky's old stomping ground. Naturally, when I tried to call them to reserve it until Boxing Day, I didn't have enough credit on my Telecom mobile. But I refuse to top up, given that hopefully within two days, I will have no use for Telecom credit. Yargh!! Now, I'm pinning my hopes on no-one buying one before I get there. It seems a reasonable hope, but one that will probably be dashed simply because the entire universe seems to be gravitating against me. Maybe it's because I drew a dick on Donny's face on that billboard...

Anyway, I also went to the Life Pharmacy up in Albany to purchase my Bionic Mascara (wow, spending much on myself?). Being the consumer that I am, I was also sold on Smashbox's Halo powder, and bought some of that too. So now, not only do I not have enough petrol money to get home for the holiday, I'm also not going to be able to buy my phone anyway!!

I thought I'd curbed my spending habits. The world makes sense again.

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