26 December 2008

Sally's Home!!!

Sally hasn't received a huge amount of publicity from me, largely due to the fact that since before I started my blog, she's been in France, wondering around the place. Okay, tramping from Paris to the Spanish border, but you know.

Sally, with her brother Jack, in Barcelona

She got back on Tuesday! I'm so glad I'm in Hamilton.

Sally is the coolest person EVER. I mentioned her in my "Secrets" post.
"Jen is my best friend, but I literally worship the ground Sally Taylor walks on."

I've known her since I was fourteen years old, and since then she's never ceased to amaze me with her old-personlike wisdom. She's an old soul trapped in a stylish twenty-one year-old's body. Like Alex, she's a history student. Sally is fluent in French and Spanish, and can also work her way around Portuguese. Talented!

Her worldliness comes in part from the number of places she's been to - France, Spain, Latvia, and many other countries in Europe and South America. She also happens to be filled with an abnormal amount of common sense, that I sometimes wish she would share. When I have problems, more often than not, it's Sal that helps me find the answer.

This afternoon I'm going to hang with her. We planned it on Tuesday afternoon, and I've been like a cat on hot coals since then. I actually CAN'T WAIT.

This morning my mum and I hit the "Boxing Day Sales". Every year, these disappoint me. It seems to be because the things I want are never on sale, so I could in effect go out and shop on any other day of the year and spend the same amount. We bumped in Danielle and Alex, which was a highlight.

In another out-of-my-price-range purchase, I bought my new Vodafone phone. It was $400, the same as my helmet, and my Ethiopia savings account is looking worse for wear. I'm stoked, though. Now I can call Harjeet for free in the weekends. A new challenge is going to be keeping tabs on Donny. This is the fourth number I've had in the last year - all in attempts to break free from him. Every time, he gets it and calls me. Damn you, Donny! You will NOT learn of this number!

The rest of you can text my Telecom number if you need it.


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