31 May 2009

Dear Trek

Can I please have this bike?

I promise I'll ride it every day.

I'm bored. Can you tell? So bored that I've been stalking Facebook photos of Sophie and Thom from last night in town. Here's my favourite.

Babes. Don't know who that guy on the right is, but whatever. Thom + Sophie = amazing.

I'm thinking of branching out into something that requires more energy than a 10k. Like a marathon? Though marathons are getting a bit scene now. People I knew in high school who groaned at the thought of running around the nearby lake (3km) are now training for marathons. Yawn.

Paris-Roubaix Juniors is being raced today. Not in Paris, however. How tricky! The race begins in 
Compi├Ęgne and finishes in Roubaix. It's 260km and features like, eighteen separate sections of cobbles. Yuk. The lovely boys of the Trek-LiveStrong U23 team will be there.

Tonight all I really wanted for dinner was sweet and sour pork. Mmm, yum yum. You would think, anyway. By the time I got to the mall, the Chinese place was closed so I settled for Indian. It wasn't that good, and there was SO much of it. Yeah, I'm pretty tiny, and not exactly a huge eater. This morning, for example, I was getting stretched after my race (there was a free stretching tent, and a $1 per minute massage tent. Of course I went with free.) when the woman stretching me said, 
"You're really skinny."
"Thanks!" I said. Pretty much the best compliment I've ever got. Ever.
"... Do you eat?"

HAHA. No, no. I just ran 10k and do most other days without eating. You know...

But anyway, I don't know. I'm pretty disappointed with my Indian meal.

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