17 May 2009

Stuff Miriam Likes

Jeanie at Swritches lists "Stuff Asian People Like" on her Blogroll. Naturally I assume this applies to me because of my unlikely obsession with Japanese guys. Or, to be more correct, Japanese guy.

You have no idea how bad I want to do an "elegant" lip on him. He's beautiful.

Anyway, said blog is freakin hilarious. Posts include "Bleached Hair" and we all know how I feel about bleached hair. There's also a "How Asian Are You" quiz, which under normal circumstances I would take, however I'm actually pretty out of touch with the Asian world (despite the whole Nayuha thing) and I'm embarrassed at the possibility of a bad score.

That said, I got the highest score on "How Indian Are You" on Facebook, when Harjeet got the lowest. Excellent.

In other news, I've been scouring the International Olympic Committee site for job opportunities. Since about 1999, I've thought being the President of this organisation would be a pretty cool job. Though I also get the feeling it's not something you just walk into. Current President, Jacques Rogge is an orthopaedic surgeon. I don't really think I'm approaching this the right way. It's pretty unlikely an internship in the Research and Reference Service is going to wind up with my induction as President, right? Still, can't hurt. Good thing I've got a European passport.

So that paragraph was a bit rambly...

You have to excuse my brain's current state: scrambled. If  it helps, 8 Mile, that awful 2002 movie featuring Eminem as "Runnin' Rabbit" is on. Is he for real?! Jesus. I would say "stick to music" but, he's not particularly good at that either.


And this year, you can bet your ass I'll be there. In 2007 I didn't go, and Donny did. He also called me on his way home, to tell me it was great. So yeah, he's a piece of shit. Anyway, there'll be NONE of that this year, because I'm going to go too. And I'm going to enjoy it way more than he does. Not that I'm petty, or anything like that.

Oh yeah, I must offer my congratulations to my gorgeous girl friends Rena and Sulva, who both had babies recently - on May 7 and 9, respectively. Rena had a boy named Joshua (yeah, he's already "Jboy" in my mind) and Sulva's little girl is named Mya! Yay. I'm also well aware that May 7 was like, ten days ago now. But that's me. Too wrapped up in my own non-existent life to be concerned with those of others.

This week, I'm hoping for a job interview at Phoenix Cosmetics. It would help heaps!
I've also got the much-anticipated cycling testing day on Friday. Hello, Wingate test: my all-time favourite. In the way that it's not. I'm happy to do a Wingate test every day until August 29 of 2012 if it's required though.

London's calling...

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