14 May 2009

I'm Not Convinced

Is it just me, or is NARS' "Vintage" Nail Polish range kind of... disappointing?

Their original range includes cute shades like "Arabesque", "Chinatown" and "Saratoga" - along with my personal favourite colour of all time ever, "Orgasm". This range seems more "Circus" than "Vintage" (wow, how many of "these" am I going to use during this post!?)

Not that I have a problem with Circus. You guys know how I feel about Britney. *does Britney dance*. Speaking of *puttings things in asterisks*, have you guys noticed on Facebook chat now it makes your typing 
bold? What is UP with that!?


Nail polish... yeah, I'm obsessed. And still a little disappointed at the lack of new OPI shades to swoon over. I'm thinking of submitting my Oceans collection idea to Suzi.
From "
Just Like Lash Extensions, Only Crunchy":
Isn't it about time OPI brought out a new range of fashion colours? And no, Suzi, the "Fairytale Bride" series, while lovely, doesn't cut mustard with me. Not after the huge success of my personal favourite "India" collection. What about an "Oceans" theme, where the colours would range from an eye-catching atoll blue for the Pacific, to a funky calypso lime for the Carribean (yes, I am aware it's a sea, not an ocean). An ice blue tint could be added to the startling Alpine Snow, already a hit in OPI's current lineup, for the Southern, or Antarctic Ocean, and a Bollywood-inspired turquoise could represent the Indian Ocean. I'm beginning to feel like I missed my calling in life...

Yes? No?

This morning, I've been having a good old gossip with the beautiful Grace.

Yep, she's a complete babe, I know. We have like, the female equivalent of a bromance. She's incredible. And we have the same boy problems - except she's already shacked up with the just-as-gorgeous-and-amazing Brad, but had a wee crush on a guy who I'll liken to Donny. And they just keep us hanging on! It's so unfair. Mind you, if I was a guy, I would totally want Grace hanging around me. Babe city!

And just when you thought things were finally quietening down on the Donny front, BAM. It's gotten so bad so quickly that my mother has offered to PAY for me to go and live overseas for a year, provided I don't have anything to do with him during that time. Uhhh, intense. Sounds like a good plan though, and it's one I'm definitely considering for after Road Nationals. Pretty Mainstream goes to Whistler? I like it.

With that, I need to get out on my bike.

Over and out, babes.

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