8 May 2009

Wish You Were Here...

But only because you pretty much told me you would be! Otherwise I wouldn't care.

You know who you are... *angry face*

Anyway, today I had a socially productive day. I caught up with old workmates Malcolm and Gawain (uber-geeks), and my old boss Garron. They all think I'm insane, and it's no wonder really, when you consider that I worked with these guys for the large majority of the Donny-and-Miriam saga that was 2007-2008. Eek, I know.

I also applied for a job at The Body Shop in Hamilton. Mmm. I am obsessed with The Body Shop. Kirby and I have been known to spend in excess of $200 there in one night alone. We're addicts. Favourites: Papaya ANYTHING! The smell makes me weak at the knees. Pink Grapefruit (or Pamplemousse Rose, my preferred pronunciation) bodywash. Concealer pencils. Foundation brushes. The new Japanese Cherry Blossom range (no prizes for guessing why...)
It's only a one-day-a-week thing, but that's kind of cool. It means I can continue my existence in Auckland and commute to Hamilton FOR A PURPOSE! I mean, a purpose that's not going to KFC with Kirby... even though I no longer have this option anyway, as she now resides in Melbourne *wipes away tear*.
Anyway. I wrote a pretty mindblowing cover letter, so I have a good feeling about it. I also looked about ten times hotter than the manager when I went in to apply. You could say I'm brimming with confidence.

Samara cut my hair this afternoon and it looks hot. My formerly crooked fringe which often has people telling me I look like Katy Perry *gags* has been expertly crafted into a wispy number, which is probably going to be a tad more maintenance. But I'm down with that. Beauty is pain.

Remind me of that next time I'm whining about how tight my new jeans are, by the way. Seriously, these babies are TIGHT. It took me like, ten minutes to get into them last Friday. It's getting a bit easier now, because I haven't been eating cheeseburgers (or anything, really) this week, and I'm thinking maybe I should have gone down a size.

Kidding, kidding.

I'm not sure if I should be stoked or concerned with my newly non-existent appetite. We all know I love skinny, but I'm just wondering if the fact that I don't want to eat anything now means the month of June will be spent force-feeding myself with Dunkin Donuts. Om nom nom.

Mmm, ribs.

Onto something less frivolous. I'm a little disgusted at Terenzo's attitude towards the Santa Barbara fires. This guy is bitching up a storm on Twitter about how the ash in the air is affecting his running schedule, and talking about how the air conditioning system in his house doesn't cut it in the almost 100 degree temperature. For goodness sake, you absolute drongo. BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE A HOUSE.

Luckily, the socially responsible Lance Armstrong has weighed in on the situation with a "heartfelt" shout-out to those suffering. Awww. Lance makes everything better!

This weekend: don't expect updates, yo! "Forty-Eight Hours of Love" - as it's being dubbed by Sophie - starts tonight at 8pm so Tweeting and blogging will probably be far from my mind. I hope, anyway. It'd be a sad time if I was plastering warm gelatin on people to create third-degree burns and thinking "I should totally Twit-Pic this!". So here's to a quiet weekend on Pretty Mainstream...

Peace, love and furious filmmaking, yo. xoxo

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