28 May 2009

MAC Saves The Day

I've gone out of my way in the past to not be obsessed beyond belief with MAC makeup, the way all of my SRA classmates were. I find solace in Chanel (when I have enough money, anyway), Nars, Benefit and Clinique.

Tonight I did Penny's makeup for the Face of Smashbox competition. Visit mim.artiste to have a look at her and two of my other gorgeous models' photos. Penny works as a sports reporter and sometimes weather girl on TV3, and told me that in addition to their work makeup and outfits being supplied, they receive a $1000 "grooming grant" each year, to spend on makeup and cosmetics. OMG. Get me a job there. Stat.

She brought out her own little makeup bag to show me her favourite blush: MAC's "Peachykeen".

I was blown away. It's identical to Nars' "Orgasm". And you can't get Nars here! My completely imagined dilemma is solved! To be honest, I've had my current "Orgasm" since July 2007 and it's showing no signs of needing to be replaced, so I don't really have a problem. But seeing "Peachykeen" just made me want to rush out and buy it right now!!! It's got that trademark MAC high pigmentation, just enough shimmer. And of course, it's the perfect shade. I'm in love.

Another current MAC obsession? This look.

Soooo culturally relevant. And versatile. I could definitely pull this off as an everyday look.

Yeah, I'm kidding. And that's why I LOVE THIS LOOK.

Anyway, it's getting late, my eyeballs hurt, and I have so much to do tomorrow!

Peace, love, and versatile everyday eye makeup, yo.

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