29 May 2009

Turning Japanese

The latest craze out of Japan I'm, well... crazy about?

Ryohei Komori. Mmm, yes please.

The photo comes courtesy of the seemingly hilarious Taylor Phinney, who I Twit-stalk. (I don't really. I "follow" him.)

Ryohei is on the Trek-Livestrong U23 Cycling Team along with Taylor, and two of our own: Jesse Sergent and Sam Bewley. Born September 26, 1988, he's a little young for me, but like... as if I care. He's a hottie. You can expect to hear a lot more out of me about him.

For now, read about him on the Trek-Livestrong site here or, if you're fluent in the world's greatest language (Japanese) you can visit his site here.

Let's go home together...

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