29 May 2009

Collapse (Post-48Hours)

Just because I never updated you on some awkward aspects of the V 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking Competition, here they are:

- I arrived on the Friday night to be told by Sophie that "Donny is on his way". Yep. Donny was in my team. It actually went okay, until it was decided that
- Not only was Donny in my team, but he was to be on screen, which meant that he needed makeup. And I was the makeup artist. Uh oh.
- The makeup would have gone okay, had he not gotten drunk before his scene and made quite a show out of inappropriate behaviour. I swear, all I was trying to do was foundation, conceal and powder him up, but it was pretty hard, given that he was groping me, trying to kiss me (I kid you not!) and even telling me he was looking down my top. He's all class.
- He then had the audacity to ask for a ride home. "Sophie said you have to." Lies! I obliged anyway, on the condition that he walked ten steps in front of me, didn't talk to me, and carried my kit. Yuss.
- The night after 48 Hours finished, he sent me the abusive text that you can read part of in an earlier blog post, "Texts From Last Night".
- Of course he showed up at our heat, after assuring me he wouldn't be there. Urgh.
-Perhaps the worst of ALL, was that he somehow managed to buy the ticket for the seat next to mine for the final last night. I mean, are you kidding me?! There are a lot of rows in a cinema. And a lot of seats in each row. And I ended up sitting next to Donny.

So you see, I've been keeping rather a lot under my hat (or Kirby's hat, if you want to be precise).

Still, if you've read this post, you'll know how I feel about him.


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