14 May 2009

Dark Shines

Uh, memo to the Smashbox advertising department...

Just because a mascara wand has a double-helix shape, doesn't mean it can "redefine your genes".

Nice try, though. From Sephora.com: "
Smashbox Lash DNA Mascara contains a proprietary complex of proteins and amino acids that bind to lashes—creating mega-length and curl while conditioning and rebuilding former lash damage. The double-helix brush lengthens and separates every lash, no matter how small, for the ultimate fanned-out effect."

It's cute, because it appeals to the science geek and the beauty addict equally. And I'm kind of impressed by the use of "double-helix". But let's be honest people. How different is this going to be to Bionic?

I'm past Smashbox mascaras now. I've moved on to bigger and better things: Dior's Iconic, for example. It's developed from the same formula as the all-conquering DiorShow, but with an amazing brush that makes me want to die. It's that good. It's also well outside my price range, so here's hoping I meet someone rich and fabulous in the next few weeks.

I'm an optimist. It could happen.

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