5 May 2009

It's Just A GAME?!

Oh, come on, Chuck Bass... you can do better than that!!

Yeah, I just finished watching episode 23 of Gossip Girl and I actually felt my gut wrench when Chuck told Blair that he doesn't really have feelings for her... and then told Serena he DOES.


Still, I'll have his babies whenever he likes...

In other news... Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger is on special at Life Pharmacy at Takapuna. I'm not even exaggerating, it's like, $80 for the 50mL EDP and body lotion. Yess, here I come. Have you smelt Dreaming? It's pretty much the greatest thing ever (not including Amazing Grace, of course). Today, for example, I went into the pharmacy with the sole intention of spritzing it in my hair (not recommended if you care about the health of your tresses - the alcohol content in fragrance seriously dries it out, even moreso if you're a regular straightener... such as me), and did so... until I was accosted by one of those awful busy-body pharmacy ladies, and informed of the special. Now I'm going back in the morning to get it! Mmm, Dreaming.

I apologise for my flippancy. I'm really not in the mood to do anything except eat forbidden cheeseburgers, and since well, they're forbidden, I think I'm going to have to settle for chicken.

Peace, love and lovely fragrances, yo.

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