4 May 2009

Month of May: Plans?

Well, it's four days into another new month, which means that we're not too far from the middle of 2009! Not that I wish to put any pressure on you...

Anyway, so far we've had Briar's birthday and Kirby leaving (the same day, May 1st), the Crazyman in Wellington, my failed outing that was the Auckland Cycle Challenge, and probably some other stuff, but what have we got to look forward to?

My vice for the month is cheeseburgers. Yes, so far this year I've given up my addictions to V and Lift Plus, Frosty Floats, Fanta and L&P, so this month I'm moving onto solids, and starting with cheeseburgers. Should be interesting.

Om nom nom

This weekend (May 8th-10th) is the V 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking event, where I'm a team member of the lovely Sophie. Our team, as a last minute decision, is called the Radioactive Reptiles. Yeah, I'm not kidding. It's also my little brother Karl's 21st birthday on the 8th! Congratulations, yo.

Previously I claimed I would enter race three of the RUN Auckland series, although this is not going to happen, given that it's on the final day of the 48 hours... I'm hardly going to be in any shape to run ten kilometres. Next time?

May 14th is Micaela's birthday, and one shudders at the amount of wine that will probably be ingested over that night and the following weekend.

The Mount Maunganui Joggers Half Marathon race takes place on May 24th, where I'll be lining up for the 10km event. This is the same day that about ten of my friends will contest the Huntly Half or 10km, too. Running for all!!!

The following weekend is Queen's Birthday, and the Christchurch Marathon. It's usually the weekend of one of my many annual pilgrimages to Christchurch, but this year I'm as yet unsure. This is due in part to romantic ties to Hamilton (ahaha! I know...) and just... Christchurch is getting a bit old. Sally will be there though, running the Half, as will my sister Louise.

May 31st is also race four of RUN Auckland in Milford (for those outside "the know": about two blocks from my place), so we may see the resurgence of team M. Or something. Knowing me though, I'll set my alarm wrong then have a cry when I miss my race. Sigh.

As usual, today I've done nothing constructive (bar applying for six more jobs and cleaning the bathroom), so I'm about to get off my butt and go grocery shopping. Y'all should applaud me. It's been a while. I'm so hungry that my head hurts.

Over and out, yo.

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  1. Congratulations; good luck with the cheeseburgers.