20 May 2009

I Love Happy Endings!

Even moreso when they involve Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.

Awwwh! He loves her! And I love him. Hmmm. So Gossip Girl is done for season two, and now it's up to The Hills to fill the void. Though, last night's episode was particularly nauseating, with Lauren firing the ever-idiotic Stephanie Pratt, whose repugnant brother proposed to that weird scrap of a girl, Heidi. Yuk. While I'm positive there's no way possible for Spencer to be THAT bad in real life, he does a pretty good job of acting like it. Die!

Super-cute GG quotes from last night...
Blair: I haven't seen you in a while.
Chuck: Have you been looking?

I love them. And I love how it ended happily. I'm telling you, people. This is how me and Donny are going to end! Maybe not with macaroons from Paris, and a limo... but I'll take a white Caldina and a Seared Chicken Deluxe (so, Donny - you have to do it before the end of May because after that I'm not having any more chicken burgers).

Anyway, enough about my dream life. It's just that my real life is so unfulfilling! The last few days have been filled with cycling "cram" sessions and swimming at my new favourite pool, the Newmarket Olympic. That pool by the way, comes with my highest recommendations. It may be because I love Newmarket and automatically feel a little more like Blair when I hang out there, or the fact that outside Sandeeka's work there is secret free parking. There's also a great sushi place... and the fact that I spent my Monday session sharing a lane with a Japanese guy. The pool is nice though. Despite having been an Aucklander for six months now, I still can't get over how paying $7 for a swim is somehow justified, but I guess I have to get over it or go swim at the beach. And given that it's set to get down as low as 1 degree tonight, not really that keen.

Which brings me to my next point: has it EVER been this cold in New Zealand in May? I mean, for real. I know I rave about Russian winters all the time, but this is actually the first time I've felt seriously chilled while on the island. Even in Dunedin, my former student hometown, I ran through May and June without resorting to the full-length tights (which was kind of a shame, because Jade and I bought matching Puma tights for that reason). It snowed the weekend of the Christchurch marathon - I remember because I took the bus from Dunedin to Christchurch for the event. But even then I don't remember feeling the need to complain like I am now.
"Miriam is... wondering why I don't own more clothes. Or live in HAWAII!"

Oh, well. It could be worse. It could be a Russian winter.

Yesterday, the flatmate we hate turned up unannounced. He's in the Navy *breaks into song*, and was supposed to be on a boat somewhere until July 4. No such luck. Which is awkward, because Aaron moved in on 48 Hour weekend. Soooo now not only does Aaron have to find somewhere to go, but we have to put up with the weirdo for an extra six weeks we thought we had to ourselves! Argh. Get out of my house! It's just my luck, really. On Saturday evening I was saying to Yasmin, "oh, well. I don't have to think about him until July 4."

Not happy.

I am however, beyond happy to have found a blog dedicated solely to Tokyo's bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. Please visit it here. It's all very exciting for me.

Above is a Google Earth screenshot (obsession with screenshotting comes courtesy of Katelin at gorgeous footsteps in the sand.) of Odaiba Marine Park, where the Triathlon will be held, should Tokyo win the bid. Exciting!! I just hope Tokyo can pull this off. I read some pretty negative comments on Wikipedia today, but you know what? Anyone can post on there. They're probably just angry yanks from Chicago.

At any rate, Yasmin and I are peachy keen to take advantage of the relatively cheap airfares to Fukuoka before then. $1400 return? Yes please. Yasmin notes that Japan is an expensive holiday destination. But to be fair, it's Japan!!! I don't really care. Let's go right now.

And FINALLY, I selected a new foundation and bought it. I subsequently lost it, but it's okay, because Luke is educating me on the power of positive thinking. I have every faith that I will find it again. Anyway, I went with Clinique's Even Better Makeup, which is gorgeous and came just at the right time, because I have ZERO left of my old Superbalanced. While at the Clinique counter, I also bought a new lip brush, and got a free gift (Clinique are SO good with free gifts) which my mum and I proceeded to fight over. We ended up divvying the loot up, so I came away with some mascara and lipstick. Happiness! The mascara is amazing. When I can be bothered, I'll go look in my kit and tell you what it's called.

I think that's more than enough talking for one day, so I'll leave you in peace.

Love and macaroons, yo. x o x o

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