15 May 2009

Swing Party?!

No, not a swingers party. I get the feeling I would be quite out of place at one of those.

Becky is throwing a 1930s/40s themed party! I'm so excited. I'm going to dress as Ginger Rogers.

A little-known quirk of mine is that I love Fred Astaire. He's about the sexiest guy I've ever seen in my life. Tap-dancing is one of my favourite things, ever. Does life get any classier? Seriously. Plus, after studying at SRA, I'm a pro at the "World War Two" makeup look.

If you think you're going to be best-dressed at Becky's, think again. I will conquer all! If you're a guy wishing to dress as Fred Astaire and be my date (or husband, if you can tap-dance), hit me up. We can chat.

I'm already a spitting image... right?

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