13 May 2009

Radioactive Reviews

The title is tackcity - quite like Thom's crazy little animation for our team name, which involved dinosaurs blowing fire and carrying on. But I just had to share a review he posted on my wall this morning.

Radioactive Reptiles – Nature Run Amok: “There Will Be Blood.”
[Mother Nature plays a cruel joke on a population driving itself towards sans-female status.]

One of my favourites for the night, this film approaches a rather sensitive subject with no holds barred humour, very clever dialogue, and brilliant twists on some of the events that scare ... Read morethe shit out of men, even though they only happen to females. Fantastic concept and great polish make this film a really entertaining and quality flick.

Our film was 2nd in the "crowd favourite" stakes last night, and I'm confident we will do just as well in the City Finals. Radioactive Reptiles = My Life.

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