4 May 2009

Into The Blinding Light

Seems like the weekend just gone was a busy one for everyone! We had the Tour of The Gila in New Mexico, featuring just about every cyclist I stalk via Twitter (Lance and Levi went 1-2 for Mellow Johnny's, Cath Cheatley was fourth in the women's GC, and Coryn Rivera - who, for the record eats Wendy's - was fifth in the criterium).

Lunch with Coryn Rivera?!

Closer to home, my cousin Scotty won the duathlon (18km run / 36km mountain bike) event at Wellington's Crazyman in a time of 3:07.03. The next finisher was 3:21.40 so he did pretty well. Congrats kiddo. In not so great news, Nic wasn't able to finish due to what I assume was equipment failure on the bike. Which SUCKS, because she was second after the kayak, and first after the run (1:50.14 for 18km!). Soon, my favourite pair are off to Europe to train and compete for three months - culminating in Nic representing New Zealand at the World Mountain Bike Championships in Canberra, Australia. Yeow! We want updates.

My outing for Sunday was supposed to be the Auckland Cycle Challenge. Didn't really go to plan, after I either got out of bed, switched my alarm off at 5:40am and went back to sleep and forgot about it; didn't set it correctly; or just slept through it. Either way, I awoke at 7:40am and realised there was no way I could get into my car and to Parakai in twenty minutes for the 8am start. Good one.

Instead, I had a bit of cry, and eventually hauled myself out for a ride to Henderson and back (76km), and threw in a 2km swim for good measure.

What did you guys get up to?

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