24 May 2009

Whereabouts Unknown

This PostSecret applies to me in as many ways as it doesn't. But I'm putting it out here anyway.

I struggled with a title for this post, and while Whereabouts Unknown isn't completely relevant, in a sense it is. I know where you are (exactly. where. you. are.) but at the same time I don't know where YOU are, and that's the worst part. It's because you could be anywhere on the face of the Earth, ANYWHERE, and I wouldn't mind as long as I knew what I used to know about you. But I don't... and that's what sucks. So text me. Call me. Stalk me.

I do know when you're thinking about me though. When it's bad thoughts I wake up and can never get back to sleep. When it's good thoughts I have amazing and surreal dreams in which we are friends. So really, it's more of a flashback than a dream. I'm confident we'll get back there. This haze of bad thoughts and even worse actions will be a figment of our imaginations from the past. We will have no use for this in a few years, I promise. Things are going to get better.

You will have no need for comments like "I can't live without you" (that is, dear readers, a direct quote). You don't have to, and you've never had to. Nor will you ever need to. In your life, you will never meet anyone who loves you more completely than I do. No-one else does, or will do, the things I do and will do for you. No-one else needs to. People love you. They don't hate you. Least of all enough to desicrate public images of you, like I did.

Think of me. Never let me go, for I do, and forever will, hold you in the palm of my hand.

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