6 May 2009

Big Wednesday

I'm totally winning Big Wednesday tonight. I just have this feeling about it.

And when I do...

I'm getting some of these babies for my racing bike (which will also be new, obviously. You don't win Big Wednesday and continue to get around on an '07 Avanti Carbonio).

Actually, while I was on the Zipp site just now, I noticed their criteria for sponsorship, which was kind interesting. Have a look.

Are you a consistent top 10 finisher in your category or age group?
Are you competitive locally, regionally or nationally?
Are your results showing improvement?
Are you a coach, race director or individual who has significant reach or impact on the sport?
Are you a current or past professional, National or World Champ?
Is your head screwed on straight? (We want to sponsor good people who are good for the sport, not just good athletes.)

To apply for sponsorship:
Sponsorships are accepted from October 1st through November 30th of the same year. We evaluate these during December, and will reply via email before the end of January the following year. Late applications will not be accepted. All current sponsored athletes MUST reapply every year.
You must supply a brief athletic individual or team resume of no more than two pages in length.
Some brief personal information about your or your team. As stated before, we want good people as well as good athletes!
Teams should provide a single contact and a shop affiliation if any.
The resume must include complete contact information including name, address, and phone and email information. Resumes that do not include accurate contact information will be discarded.
We do not accept sponsorship applications via email or online chat. Sorry, but due to the large number of "spam" requests only hard-copy applications will be considered.

What else you should know:
Be realistic in your expectations. As a small company and to stretch our limited sponsorship resources, Zipp offers almost no free product and no monetary sponsorships. Most sponsorship opportunities are in the form of Pro Deal discount.
Tell Zipp what you can do for us! We get an astounding amount of interest in sponsorship. What makes you different? Why are you better for us than the next guy or gal? Most importantly – how will our sponsorship of you result in increased sales at the retail level?
Zipp is not easy to receive sponsorship from. We are looking for individuals and teams we can welcome to the family and have a long-term relationship with. From all of us here at Zipp, thank you for your interest and support. Have fun and good luck. We look forward to hearing from you.

Doesn't seem like too much, does it? I mean, sure... when you look at their stable (which includes athletes such as Terenzo, Emma Snowsill and Andy Potts), you kinda think again, but to be perfectly honest I don't see why I couldn't be eligible for a discount on some 808s.

Am I good for the sport of triathlon? I like to think so. Not only has it constituted a large part of the last ten years of my life, I also support other triathletes in their pursuits as well as recruiting new athletes for the sport. The World Championships thing for this year is still all up in the air, but since sponsorship applications run from October til November, Worlds will (hopefully) be done and dusted, and I'll have Zipp knocking on my door, throwing 808s in my general direction. Along with Felt, Orca, and... okay, yeah I'm not that good.

If you have a Big Wednesday ticket for tonight, then good luck... but don't get your hopes up. I totally have this one in the bag.

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