26 May 2009

Flawless In Progress

It's now *just* 26 hours until the Hamilton Final of the V 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking competition.

Today I've been on a sushi diet (so, much like any other day?) except today I've eaten a whole lot less than usual, and worked out a whole lot more. Whoever said you can't drop a size in two days in wrong. They haven't heard of the Little Black Dress Diet, obviously.

Not that I'm going to be wearing an LBD anyway. I brought that wee number out for the heats. No kids, tomorrow I'm breaking out the unbearably tight skinny jeans. Which, based on my eating since the last time I wore them, probably aren't so unbearably tight anymore. They might need to go in the drier tomorrow afternoon. They need to be so tight I can't breathe.

I'm wearing the lamest t-shirt I own tomorrow night. It's also the cutest. I bought it at Supre, which like a cardinal sin, but I don't care. It reminds me of my little brother Karl. It's a tan-coloured baggy t-shirt with a print of a pony on the front. It's pretty much got Supre written all over it, but I don't care. The colour makes me look emaciated, and I love it. Given that it's probably going to be about 2 degrees down there tomorrow, I'm going to wear something under it.

After my workout today I exfoliated my face like never before. Truly, right now it's like baby's bum. Mmm. I also used my Pro-activ Refining Mask, which further added to my skin's current condition: gorgeous. Here's hoping it holds out.

I'm hoping to sport something of a Blair Waldorf look in the makeup department. Even if my $30 t-shirt goes against the grain of her Chanel wardrobe, if there's a look I rock like no-one else, it's neutral eyes. I've read about 50 blogs on "how to copy Blair's look" and with some careful eyeshadow and lipstick mixing, I'm confident I can pull it off. Benetint, mmm.

I'm all up in arms about nail colour. I want to wear my favourite OPI shade, "My Chihuahua Bites", but it's hardly Blair, so I'm tempted to go with "We'll Always Have Paris". Thoughts? It's just that the Parisian shade is so unremarkable next to the Chihuahua, so it's kind of the biggest dilemma I have. Mind you, given that my two idols, Lauren and Blair, both go for dark colours over brights 99% of the time... I might have to save Chihuahua for my next event. Whenever that is...

And finally, my hair. While my hair is probably literally half the length of both Blair and Lauren's, I wanted to give the soft curl look a go, so I tried to commandeer the help of fellow SRA graduate Jana. She's a pro with ghd curls. However, I've yet to hear back from her, so it looks as if I could be on my own with my hair. Which means it's pretty much going to be dead straight and boring. If you live on the Shore and can curl my hair for me tomorrow afternoon, please call me!

So that's me for tomorrow night. Now all we have to do is win, and I'll be a gorgeous, ecstatic camper!

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