21 May 2009

My Private Jet

Not that I can afford it, but I went and got a manicure tonight at one of those cheap Asian salons. I love Asians, which probably comes as no surprise to anyone.

Actually, last night it apparently did. Marco seemed amazed at my interest in the airfares to Fukuoka. "Japan?" he asked. "Since when?" Apparently he had no idea about my obsession for the place, which is evidence of the fact that not even the people I like read my blog. Boo, Marco.

Anyway, back to the manicure. The shade I chose was OPI's "My Private Jet", which is kind of similar to "Brand New Skates".

So the above image is not really an accurate representation. But that's okay. My nails look fabulous.

Weirdly, the girl getting a mani next to me was having a pretty indepth conversation with her technician. To the extent where she told her that she was pregnant, and single, and visiting Thailand. Are you serious? No-one wants to know that shit! Least of all me, and I had to hear it, because she was talking so freakin loudly!

Keep your drama to yourself, yo.

In OPI-related news, seems they beat me to it with the whole Oceans theme. The Sephora by OPI range includes shades such as, Mermaid To Order, Blue Grotto, Underwater Fantasy, Water Baby, Lagoon-a Beach, and Ocean Love Potion. You guys should check out the entire range anyway, because it's more impressive than their regular offerings. Visit Sephora by OPI here.

I have eaten so much sushi today. Turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so...

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