29 May 2009

If That's Something You're Into

The lovely and talented Stephanie is currently taking over Berlin, so I recommend a great read at World Domination. I hate to admit it, but I think her flatmate is worse than ours. Yuk.

Today is shaping up to be another non-eventful one. I have to do a number of things - from taking a couple of my bikes to get valued for insurance, to training, to cleaning the hovel I call my bedroom, to going to the airport with my mum. Do I think I'm going to get any of it done? Unlikely. Apart from the airport thing, because that involves sushi and my mum. Yay!

Mum is, for the record, heading back to England for a few months to hang out with our extended family. It was my Grandma's 80th in January, so there's something of a mum's-side-of-the-family reunion going down in June. This is because my mum does not like to travel to the UK during our summer. Given the unusual cold this winter, she's picked a great time to go.

Yesterday she booked our flights to the Gold Coast in September! This is in anticipation of my getting selected for the ITU World Championships. But we figure that even if I don't, we're going to head on over anyway to watch Worlds, hang out with Kirby, and get tans. Oh, and spend too much money on Benefit makeup. Yeehaw! I love the Gold Coast.

If nothing else, I can enjoy the scenery... and Gomez

This weekend: RUN Auckland Race Four in Milford. I'll be going for broke in the 10km event, which hopefully will be awesome! If nothing else, the course looks scenic. Remind me to restock my iPod. If you run and live on the Shore, I think you should come. Yay for running!

To that end I now feel required to make the most of today, so I'm out.

Peace and love, yo.

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