1 June 2009

Welcome To The World

It's June!

Which means I have to decide on a new thing to give up for the month. Suggestions?
I was going to go with chicken burgers, but I've decided I'll do that in July (and no, it's not because I still think Donny is going to show up with one and confess his love for me. Although that would be nice, so I think you should do it.) which leaves June wide open in terms of vices: there's chocolate (which I'm starting to get over, anyway), Starbucks Frappuccinos, Twitter, french fries...

So... thoughts? It's kind of a hard one because whatever I decide to stop eating/doing means I can't do it in Christchurch next weekend. And when I'm in Christchurch, eating is pretty much all I do.

What's happening this month, anyway?

Today it's Queen's Birthday holiday, which means life goes on as normal for me, because I'm unemployed. Hooray. It's also, weirdly, the close of special circumstances applications for ITU Worlds, so hopefully by the end of this week I'll have some good news about that!

Tomorrow is Theresa's 21st birthday! I can't believe it. I remember when she turned 13. Congrats!!! Her party is a month away, and I can't wait.

Next weekend, for whatever reason, I'm going to Christchurch. I think this is because my mum felt sorry for me when I couldn't afford a $699 airfare to Tokyo while they were on sale on Grabaseat a few weeks ago. I'm still bitter about that. But anyway, she bought me a flight to Christchurch instead. Which, if you've been there you will agree... is not quite the same.

June 7th is XTERRA Trail Running Series Race Two at Hunua, which I would do if I wasn't in Christchurch!

The following week is an event in Rotorua I only found out about this morning but I'm now seriously considering - the N-Duro Winter MTB/Duathlon Race One. The duathlon (5km run / 20km MTB / 5km run) is tempting, and the bike course runs over a couple of my favourite trails (including the A-Trail, where I last year famously decided to ride sans brakes and ended up with two black eyes and a dislocated wrist). After my success in running yesterday, I'm feeling pretty happy about my form going into this event so I'll keep y'all posted.

Also in Rotorua, two weeks later, is a trail run which I might do, depending on finances.

And, ooh it's a doozie, the USA Track and Field 2009 Outdoor Championships in Eugene!! This event is to be held June 25-28, and I'm soooo jealous that old Hoyts pal, Scott, is now Eugene-based. Ah, Hayward Field... the holy ground of track. Worlds are in Berlin, August 15-23. Ahhh so excited. I love that winter here means summer elsewhere, so I can stalk track results and statistics all year round.

Kara Goucher: favourite American

That about wraps June up, although I'm almost certain it won't go as smoothly as it does on paper. That said, I'm hoping to see a lot less of Hamilton (and as such, Donny) this month, so that cancels out a BIT of drama. Yay.

More later, yo. I want some sushi.

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