13 May 2009

My Latest Trick

... I'm obsessed with Luke Chueh.

This particularly delightful work of art is called "My Happiness is Riding on your Misery" and it came up via Google Images Search when I searched for "Happiness" the other day. Amazing.

After my weekend sealed off from the real world, I've been catching up on TV shows today. Yeah, realistic as. I watched episode 24 of Gossip Girl and shed a tear. Why doesn't Donny love me like Chuck loves Blair? And then there was episode 6 of The Hills. Can none of "my friends" (that's Lauren, Lo, and Audrina) see that Stephanie Pratt is actually mentally retarded? Like, for real!? That girl is SO STUPID. Did she even graduate high school?

I came home to more mail than I've ever had in my life. Sure, half of it was from Work and Income, StudyLink, and boring places like that, but I also had an invite to Theresa's 21st! YAY! I can't wait. I love 21sts. Plus, it's formal, which means I get a new dress. I love new dresses!
I also got my Proactiv, which I've been waiting for for close to three weeks. If you've seen un-airbrushed photos of me sans makeup, you will know that my skin is a disgusting mess, and has been since about 1998. Yuk. So fingers crossed this shit actually works!

Once I got over the bridge this afternoon I began rejoicing in my car. I love the North Shore! More specifically Bayswater. I'm so happy to be home! It's been a week. We have a shiny new flatmate too - albeit temporarily. Rex's friend Aaron has taken our weird flatmate's room for a bit. Fun! He better not dirty up my shower though *growls*.

Here's another cute picture.

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