2 May 2009


I'm currently mid-conversation with the author of I Heart Makeup, who you can stalk on Twitter here about gorgeous Benefit products we love.

What's your favourite? 

Well, it's hard to put a finger on just one, but I went with Benefit Georgia. It's a fabulous peachy colour that suits ANYONE, as well as smelling just divine. She asked if I've tried Coralista, which I haven't, but cannot WAIT to. See, as mentioned in
previous posts, Benefit is not available in New Zealand, where I live (though I'm told, by every Benefit counter girl I visit across the ditch, that it will be soon...) so I rely on well-meaning and clued-up friends to bring me stuff home with them when they go.

Benefit make a range of powders, nicknamed "box-o-powders" which includes Georgia, 10 (my two favourites), along with Hoola - a fantastic bronzer, Dandelion, Dallas, Thrrrob and now Coralista. They're pretty much the goods. If you're a well-meaning and clued-up friend on your way home from Australia or another country where you can buy Benefit soon, I hope you've got something for me!

She then asks if I love Benetint. Do I what?! As evidenced here:
"Sara and I worked as makeup artists at Catwalk Studios for Model Camp, and produced some rockin work. My own shots of my models are up now on mim.artiste, and I hope that you'll drop by for a look. I created an unusual look for my first model, who was to be dressed in olive shades, so I made my own mixture of colours from the SRA palette and made something of a lightweight smoky eye, with liquid liner and tonnes of mascara. I used Benetint on her lips for a fresh, rosy appearance, along with my new Natio bronzer on her cheeks. You'll be pleased to know it wasn't waterproof."
I LOVE Benetint!!

Word on the street is that Benetint was originally developed as a nipple blush for San Francisco strippers, which is kind of hilarious. It's evolved now into a cheek and lip stain. I received a sample once from the Benefit counter in Brisbane, Australia, and I'm an addict. It looks particularly gorgeous when worn in lieu of lipstick. Like Georgia, it smells sweet - just like roses!

Emma is another Benefit convert, having recently splashed out on BADgal Lash and a Talent Brush. If you can, go out and buy some now. If not... you can always just peruse their site

If you work at Benefit and want to employ me to write press releases and/or do makeup, please email me!!

Haha. Peace and beauty, yo.

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