30 January 2010

I Like This.

It's from the MAC website and it is just ridiculously beautiful. Ahh!

I have a long-held obsession with eye colours other than blue. Apparently, blue eyes are a recessive gene and so less people have them, making me "lucky" (hmm?), but I am just not convinced. I see people everywhere with blue eyes. I want brown eyes, dammit!

And while the so-white-it-almost-looks-like-she's-been-painted-or-at-the-very-least-been-lightened-post-production girl in this photos does not have brown eyes, she has perhaps even more excitingly, green eyes. What fun!

And clavicles. Ah, how I love clavicles. I have some, somewhere. But they don't poke out, and dammit, if there's one thing in life I want, it's clavicles that poke out!

Wow, this post has involved a lot of "dammit"s and "I want"s, hasn't it? Well, my birthday's coming up. I'm allowed.

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