3 January 2010

Rave / High in Fiber

I know, let's talk about how much I love mascara again! Shall we? Shall we?


Imju Fiberwig... brought to you by a well-meaning Nippon who apparently listens a lot more than he lets on.

I don't even remember the first time I heard about Fiberwig, but I remember its claims of "false lash effect" and other such exciting things that every mascara fiend dreams of. From what I now understand, I created such a song and dance about this mascara that it turned up at my house late last year.

I wore it often, and thought to myself, "this really doesn't give me the false lashes I hoped for," I'd been had! Lancome's Cils Design Pro still reigned in my makeup kit. I liked Fiberwig, but I didn't love it. It left my lashes looking silky, sure, and black. But I've had silky and black before, and it didn't need to be imported from Japan.

By chance, I decided Fiberwig would be my weapon of choice for my new year's party. I'm not going to lie. It's changed my life.

Fiberwig is a mascara you cannot use too much of. Seriously. Listen to that advice, and make use of it. Some mascaras are formulated to look best after two coats. Not Fiberwig. Sure, I spent as long applying my mascara to perfection as I normally spend doing foundation (and I'm pretty picky about my foundation application), but the result was quite literally, unbelievable lashes. In fact, I had planned to use falsies. I didn't need to.


Yeah, so do it. If you live in a country where Fiberwig is readily available, go out and buy it immediately. If you don't... hope that one day you find your very own considerate Nippon. Or go here and have it shipped to your door.

Yet another Japanese export worth blogging about it. I cannot wait to go there.

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