22 January 2010

The Bayswater Crucible

You really have no idea how long I've wanted to call a post "The Bayswater Crucible".

Today, it's in honour of Superhuman Sam, who I love and miss like crazy!!! Seriously, I hardly ever get to talk to him anymore, but I had the pleasure of doing so recently, funnily enough on the day that he chose to set his goals for 2010. (Don't know why this is funny? Read this)

We didn't really discuss his plans - I get the idea that he doesn't really parade them about quite the way I tend to, but we did get a bit reminiscent of our Bayswater days. There were the conversations about med school, the time I got hit by a car then lost my job, the time Sam went for a two-hour run in the rain (okay, that last one probably happened a few more times than once). And yes, he's still going about his action man ways - having recently competed in a 32km off-road run (yep - thirty-two kilometres. That's kind of a long way, guys) presumably with ideas to do more.

I miss Sam Sam!!

Strangely, I've forged a friendship of sorts with a guy in Dunedin who was going to be my flatmate (he told my friend Jess the other day that he realised I was a dick and didn't want to live with me, but it's actually because he got a job with accommodation) who kind of reminds me of Sam. We have similar conversations, and he's rather like Sam in that over-achiever kind of way. Sure, he doesn't run 30km with a smile on his face, but I kind of got the idea that he pursues excellence this morning after griping over the fact that he may have got one question wrong on his chemistry terms test (just to one-up him, I reminded him that I achieved a perfect score on mine). Which is nice. It's always nice to surround yourself with people who are also constantly trying to outdo everyone they know, too. But, he's not Sam... it's not really the same.

If you've been wondering why I've kept quiet on the "here's another foreign university I want to attend" front, it's because I've found a real "doozie". Is that a word? Doozie? I'm sure I've heard it before. It's Lomonosov Moscow State University, back in Mother Russia. Have a look.

It looks more like a palace than a university. That's Russia for you. It's the tallest educational building in the world, which kind of begs the question: how many really tall educational buildings are there in the world? I mean, until they start teaching English as a second language on the top floor of that new 828m-high monstrosity in Dubai, Lomonosov probably isn't going to have a heck of a lot of competition. Anyway, to its credit, the school ranks in the world's top five universities, and has a medical school. So you know, a natural choice. And I love love love Moscow *touches heart and wipes away tear*.

Have you guys donated some coin to relief in Haiti yet? I hope so. If you haven't though, there's still a long way to go for everyone involved, and you should never think that any small amount of money will go unnoticed. Right now in Port-au-Prince, looters with knives are wreaking havoc on the already devastated capital, people are burying amputated limbs, and little kids are going hungry. You can, and you should, help out. Like tshirts? Threadless are donating 100% of the profits from this tshirt to the American Red Cross efforts in Haiti. Not fussed? Visit Google's page to donate some money you would otherwise spend on manicures.

Speaking of manicures, my nails are ruined after doing the dishes without gloves this afternoon. They're in dire need of some OPI loving, so I'm going to shoot off and take care of them.

Peace, love and relief for Haiti!

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