17 January 2010

Crowing On

Wait, what? Crows use tools to get food? OMG. Look out people, this could be the fall of man. Remember back in the day when early hominids started using tools to get food? Then they became humans and took over the world?

Yeah, me neither, because I was only just born in 1986, but a well-informed Biology teacher told me that's what happened, and I'm willing to accept it as the gospel.

Anyone pick up that Bad Religion reference? Yee-ah. Love Greg Graffin (just because I don't listen to you constantly anymore, doesn't mean I feel any less strongly about you...).

Seriously though, I'm intrigued. Do crows have sophisticated mechanisms in trees that catch unsuspecting prey, or even better - some sort of transportation system for them to fish newly thrown-out food from trash cans? Someone needs to look into this for me!! If you're a bird enthusiast and know stuff about birds using tools to get food, please leave a comment.

Threadless again, here's a picture of a particularly fashion-conscious crow.

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