7 January 2010

I'm The Reason You're Not Allowed To Eat In The Library

Wow, I'm kinda starting to get over capitalising every word in every title. Especially when titles can be as long as eleven words. That's just silly.

"That's just silly" - actually - is a direct quote from my old chemistry lecturer, Associate Professor Allan Blackman, which he made (in 2005!) in referral to using equations to calculate the pH value of a solution. I'm bringing this up solely because I just walked past him in the Archway building on campus. He was my favourite first-year lecturer! He loves Calvin and Hobbes, so here's a strip in his honour.


I've picked up a computer science paper at Summer School (and dropped that fiction class! Hooray for me!) and part of the course requirements include posting blogs. So if some unrelated musings on Facebook or Twitter appear here, don't be alarmed. It's just me merging education with life, I suppose.

I've started carting my entire life around campus with me in my Jansport bag. Today, for example - along with my laptop, there's two diaries (two! Why anyone needs a diary at all, let alone two, is lost on me), a book I've been searching for since about 2006 - and finally found this morning at Otago's Storage Library and Bindery, probably three lipsticks, some eyeshadow (mainly for the mirror), two bottles of drink, seven pens, some hairties, receipts, keys, and my purse. I'm unnecessary.

Oh yeah! The reason you can't eat in the library! It's because of me.

Well, people like me. Who eat sandwiches and spill the contents everywhere. I mean everywhere. I just ate a sandwich (courtesy of Frankly Sandwiches... yum) and I suspect about ten percent of its filling now graces the 1m radius around where I'm sitting. There's also aioli on my pants. Could I be any classier? It's unlikely. I'm the same with cookies, rice crackers, chocolate (I know, right. How do you spill chocolate?) and pretty much any other kind of food you can think of. I'm a grub.

Other "that's just" or mildly related quotes?
"That's just weird" - said in a fantastic, half-cockney, half-East Anglian accent by the outrageous Justin Hawkins at the 2004 Big Day Out in Auckland.
"Which is nice" - I still maintain he stole it off me. I say it all the time! Emeritus Professor Colin Gibson.

One day, I hope I can get "Emeritus Professor" tacked on to the front of my name! Sure, it means I have to become a professor and then retire (before the age of 40, since that's when I'm going to die...) but I think it's an achievable goal. At the very least, I'd like a Nobel Prize. I don't ask much!

Peace, love and sparkling zesty lemonade (try it. You won't be disappointed).

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