25 January 2010

If Only I Still Had Use For Sparkly Spandex...

Yeah, so I peruse the GK Elite website a bit too much for a 23-year-old sloth. Buuut their "Precious Metals" collection is just so cute, I'm willing to get back down to the necessary 35kg to wear one. Ha ha.

I've watched about a million different videos of Ivana Hong's uneven bars routine today, and I just kind of want to mention it to Valeri (her coach, and Nastia's dad) that maybe, just maybe she should consider a different dismount. Double layouts are my personal favourite, but they're just not for everyone. Including Ivana. I mean, if Ksenia Semenova, He Kexin, Beth Tweddle, Nastia Liukin and Bridget Sloan can pull off uneven bars without double layouts, so can Ivana.

Doesn't mean I love her any less... just don't love watching her crash.

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