24 January 2010

It's Three A.M.

I got sick of skating (seriously, "short" programmes are like, three times as long as floor exercise) and decided that instead, I'll post some photos of Ivana Hong. You may have noticed in previous posts (here and here) that I kind of love Ivana and especially love posting photos of her flying through the air. Seriously, she might be the best-looking airborne gymnast in the world.


Her most obvious competitor for that title would be Nastia's Pak Salto on uneven bars, of which I weirdly couldn't find the perfect shot of - but this is mainly because I couldn't be bothered trawling the screes of photographs on her website. Like Nastia? You can also follow her on Twitter. Personally, she gets my vote because she's one of a shrinking number of gymnasts who can kind of pull off the compulsory dance elements on floor exercise. Here's a particularly nice example, which I stole off her site.

And, just because I found it on Zimbio and it's not your average gymn shot, Hong again. SO glad she got out the Blue Springs ghetto that is GAGE. I heart WOGA.

Speaking of which, the WOGA Classic is soon! February 13-14, if I'm not mistaken. If short/long programmes with jumps that all look the same freeze your brain as well, check it out.

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