5 January 2010

The Promised Land

An added extra that I love love LOVE about being back at the University of Otago?

It's an Asian bonanza.

Currently, I'm hiding out in the computer lab that forms part of the University's central library, on an "island" formed from six computers. There are three Asians within gazing distance, including one next to me who is unabashedly laughing at videos on YouTube. Which is something else I love: people (like myself) using university computers for anything other than university work.

That's as well as... condoms on the ground - whether it be on campus, at the octagon, at my apartment building... keep it classy, Dunedin
Leaving my house unlocked
Feeling like I never left, despite not having lived here since 2005
The way some peoples' cellphones work in the library, but not mine
The aroma of chocolate between the hospital and the octagon - thank you, Cadbury factory
My ID card. I look hot - first time ever, and my name is Iris
The Centre for Innovation, opposite St David's lecture theatres. A gross waste of resources never looked so fine

So look forward to posts about all these things and more (including that awful flat on Emily Siedelberg Place. God, I wish someone would just burn that dive to the ground) this year. There's 360 days left of it...

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