22 January 2010

With Glowing Hearts

Eeee, I can barely contain my excitement: it's nearly Olympics time!!!

You guys have gotten off pretty lightly, given that my first-ever post was on November 21, 2008. If I'd started say, three months earlier, you would have caught the tail-end of the Beijing Games, which, like every other Olympic Games in my lifetime, captured my undivided attention for two weeks. So this is exciting: it's our first Olympics together! And I'm doubly excited because it's a Winter Games, a relatively new obsession.

My first instinct was to try and remember everything I've ever forgotten about figure skating, but the fact is, my brain just can't differentiate between Salchows, Lutzes, flips, and toe-loops anymore. What I have learnt is that Shizuka Arakawa's layback Ina Bauer could be the closest thing to perfection (after like, Nayuha, obviously) on the face of the Earth.

Let's have fun: bent in half edition

So, it may be that we'll go the entire Olympics without a critique of figure skating, but that's probably a good thing. Especially because you just know I'll be too busy salivating over the long-track speed skaters. Here's hoping for a massive Japanese turnout.

I have a new flatmate - who is Norwegian - and as such, knows more than anyone I've ever met about Nordic Combined, Biathlon, and Cross-Country. Which is good. It'll be like having my own compendium, right next to me on the couch, for the entire Olympics!

Yeah, wow - I'm excited.