16 January 2010

Late Registration

Oh, yes I did. I just named a post after something Kanye West-related.

Anyway, it's because I really really really wanted to call my 420th post "Four and Twenty" after the nursery rhyme (even though on further reflections, it's irrelevant because "four and twenty" means 24, not 420). Just so you know, this is #423. Boo, me.

More importantly, it's BECKY'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if I wasn't such a shit friend, I would have
made Becky a cake.

Yeah, I just over-punctuated, like the annoying Facebrat I am. Ha ha ha *makes gun noises*.

Sound like I'm drunk / on party pills / had too much caffeine and/or sugar? Well, as per my new year's resolution to stop drinking and ingesting illegal or frowned-upon substances, I'm NOT! I'm just excited because Becky and Manda left me the best voicemail ever. Seriously, it was like, 9:11pm and they were both pretty much pissed out of their trees, which is just so good and so Hamilton. Of course, I'm actually really disappointed because I'm not there. Sad face. After all, it's a year today since... Becky's last birthday, obviously. And oh, we had such fun that night! And nights subsequent to that, obviously (think every Saturday night between September and New Year). Anyway, supposedly Beck is wearing a sash that says "Number One Party Girl" which is pretty hilarious, and she has a to-do list, 14 items long. Why am I not there?!

Oh yeah, because I thought moving to Dunedin and becoming a responsible student was a good idea. Why was that again?

Birthdays are always exciting. If anything, they should symbolise more of a fresh start than new year does. It's the start of OUR new year, after all!! I'm excited because this year, Becky's 24th, is shaping up to be great. She starts beauty school really soon, and is running the Huntly Half Marathon in a few months. I should take a leaf out of her book. Congratulations Becky, me so proud of you! And I always am!

Yay. Peace, love and happy birthdays!

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