25 January 2010

What Were You Guys Doing...

On this day, last year?

One of the cooler aspects of having a blog (besides reporting on the excitement that stems from Kate Gosselin's latest hairstyle, obviously) is that you can - for the most part - pick a day, and have a look what you were doing a year, or longer, ago. Today's it's my grandmother's birthday (which, no - I did NOT have to look back and check up on. Happy 81st, Grandma!) and this time last year (okay, maybe not this time, since it's 10:51pm) I was floating in the water at Long Bay, on Auckland's North Shore! Ah, the memories! Those were such good days. I was also preparing for my longtime pal, Libby's 21st. Hard to believe that six days from now, she'll be 22. Time flies, kids. Make the most of it!

Take my day today, for example. As a result of the AIDS face thing, I refused to leave the house, except to buy a skin supplement and some strawberries. What I did instead has already been written about, except I can now happily report that we went for our run - almost an hour's worth, too. Not bad for a pair of sloths who, until yesterday, hadn't worked out this year.

look out

Making the most of it? Okay, maybe not. But there's always tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be great. I just know it.

Peace and love.

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