5 January 2010

I Am Dunedin (Part II)

Turns out, my memory does in fact suck.

You may be led to believe otherwise, if I've ever recited to you all the car registrations of people I know that I've memorised, the periodic table, or anything else that takes up extra space in my brain I could really use for, I don't know. Passwords?

Yes, you read that right. In the two days since I left Hamilton, I have successfully forgotten nearly every password to every password-enabled site I visit online. Starting with my email. Handy.

Anyway, Dunedin so far is being hailed as a success. The move into my new apartment was stress-free (amazing, considering just about everything else in my life right now causes me immeasurable amounts of stress) - if you ignore the fact that the internet there isn't working. Slight problem, especially when you're me, and your online presence is greater than your real life. Greater in terms of volume, not... greatness.

So that's okay.

I arrived at uni for the first day of Summer 2010 today, and was issued with an ID card that says Iris, not Miriam. We'll take the win. I have a lecture in three hours, and to be honest, as far as I'm concerned, the world is mine.

I no longer live in Hamilton, nor have any intention to keep up with those who do. If you're a Hamiltonite and you're offended by that statement, don't be. You're not the problem.

To that end, my Facebook password has been changed by my mum, who I know will not cave in to any amount of begging (yes, I am already suffering Facebook withdrawal symptoms, and wondering if my latest profile picture - a shot of me with no hair, from 2004 - is really that appropriate. Too late?) and as such, I'm destined to spend the rest of the year Facebook-less.

"I'm not going to lie about it," I said to my mum at the airport. "I have no intentions of coming back." She smiled, knowing she'd heard this story before. In fact, last time I lived here, I went back to Hamilton at every opportunity - ANZAC Day (which is ridiculous, it's only a half-day holiday), Easter, Mid-term... this year, I really don't want to do that.

This year, I am Dunedin.

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