6 January 2010

Out With The Old

I know, I know.

The whole, crapping-on-about-the-new-year thing is getting a bit old.

But I've been thinking for a few days now about how one of my goals this year is to tidy myself up. To that end, I refuse to wear jandals or trackpants before 8pm at night. Arbitrary? Yes. But it goes hand-in-hand with my other endeavours which include dressing better in general. No jandals, except when supermarket shopping (and even then, I'm going to say it's frowned upon). No trackpants outdoors. Dress less like a scruff, less often. Stop tying my hair up. Just, make an effort every day.

Does that seem weird? A makeup artist who is lazily-kempt? Yeah, probably. It's one of my least favourite personality flaws. And it's going to get better.

Weirdly, I came across an article on a New Zealand site earlier about a girl and her love affair with jandals. I'm going against the grain of my generation here, giving jandals the heave-ho. But I think I'm going to have not only better foot health (there's been research to suggest they're bad for your feet, and looking at the state of mine, I'm not going to argue), but more class. Yes.

Anyway, anyway.

I stumbled across this tonight, quite by chance. I've long since stopped looking at the daily "Blogs Of Note", having given up hope of ever being featured the first time I said "fuck". It's weird, because she mentions "church" which is linked... to none other than the official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That's pretty weird, right?

Other weird stuff: Sophie was the most popular girls' name of 2009, in New Zealand. I mean, it's not that weird. I would probably name a baby girl Sophie, too. A nice feature of the list, for both girls and boys, is that New Zealanders don't seem to be buying into the trend that is giving your children stupid names (the noted exception being that couple who called their son 4Real). Names like Ruby, Emma and Charlotte pepper the girls' most popular list, while Jack tops and Thomas rounds out the boys' top ten.

Proud to be a New Zealander? Who, me?

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