1 February 2010


While I feel that this year is not traveling at the light speed with which 2009 passed (thank god, because 2009 sucked), it's already February so that's exciting stuff. It's my birthday in nine days!

Anyone do anything during January that they felt was particularly exciting? I know that for the most part, I didn't - but I did get my grade for the Te Reo Māori paper I sat at Canterbury (A+) and a $250 cheque from the uni. What? Yeah. That's exciting. I'm using it to get hair extensions.

Priorities? Power bills? Whatever. I'm getting my Lauren Conrad-esque hair at long last, bitches.

Unfortunately my new year's goal of cleaning myself up (well, my atrocious sailor mouth, to be more specific) is still in the works (you will have seen this when I referred to National Lady Gaga Day as "fucking hilarious"). I've also chowed down on the odd McDonald's binge feed. Which is fine, because I like McDonald's. I'm still struggling with the concept of restricting myself. It doesn't make sense. I do what I want!

January sucked for the people of Haiti. February is probably going to suck, too. Don't forget about them! Just because "Grammys" is the number one trending topic on Twitter right now, doesn't mean Port-au-Prince suddenly got better. There are still people who need your help. Men anpil chay pa lou.

Still, February is shaping up to be fun! And it's up to us to make it our best yet. Even if, like me, your resolutions didn't exactly pan out, you can still make an effort. I know I'm going to be.

Thankfully, the string of irrelevant posts regarding Taylor Phinney, the Mumbai attacks, and DailyBooth.com will not be continuing throughout February. There's only two weeks left of class! Hooray!

Oh, and one last thing! Congratulations to my g, Sophia who got engaged to her bee-eff yesterday! Exciting fun times.

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